Suppliers are required to provide products or subcontracted services that meet specified requirements. Products will be verified to confirm compliance to requirements, and evidence of compliance will be maintained for a period of at least three years, unless stated otherwise in the Purchase Agreement. When requested by OMF, records of product verification and acceptance will be provided.

Suppliers are required to provide products or subcontracted services on or before the due date indicated on the Purchase Agreement. If the product or services will not be received by the desired date, the supplier is required to notify the OMF buyer who authorized the Purchase Agreement.

Packaging & Labeling
All products / materials will be packaged in a manner that will provide sufficient protection against handling damage or exposure to harmful elements. All parts / materials will be identified by type, quantity, and associated Purchase Agreement number. References to lot, batch or heat numbers should be referenced.

Certificates of Conformity
When specified on the OMF Purchase Agreement, suppliers / subcontractors are required to provide certificates of conformity or certificates of analysis from a qualified 1st or 3rd party source.

Hazardous Materials
Any materials shipped to OMF that are classified by Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and the Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments as hazardous will be properly marked with approved Haz-Mat labels and placards. Material Data Safety Sheets or direct access to them will be provided for each hazardous material. Hazardous materials will be packaged and shipped in a manner that would prevent exposure to risks associated with the materials. Service contractors will notify the president or operations manager of any hazardous materials that will be brought into the OMF facility.

Flow-down Requirements
Suppliers will be required to adhere to any OMF customer flowdown requirements, as applicable. These requirements will be referenced or described in the OMF purchase order.

Right of Access
Acceptance of OMF purchase orders allows representatives of OMF, its customers, or regulatory officials the right of access to any supplier or subcontractor facilities that are applicable to the purchase order. This will include access to any applicable records.

Notification of Nonconforming Product
Suppliers and subcontractors are required to notify the associated OMF buyer if it has determined that nonconforming product has been released to OMF.

Notification of Process Changes
Suppliers and subcontractors will notify the president of OMF if they are implementing a change a production or verification process that are to be implemented after initial product acceptance. Changes include, but are not limited to:
  • changes to production methods
  • changes to inspection and test methods
  • relocation of production
  • outsourcing of processes

OMF Supplied Material
OMF provided materials, tools, or gages will be the responsibility of the supplier while in their possession. Loss or damage of these items should be communicated immediately to the OMF president or designee to determine disposition. Material lot control will be retained by the supplier/subcontractor until materials are returned to OMF.

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