Laser Cutting

What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is similar to older plasma cutting methods, but is much more precise and uses less energy to cut the material. Laser cutting is fast becoming the method of choice for all but the thickest materials, which are still best shaped with a plasma cutter or other device. Laser cutting is a time and cost effective alternative to traditional machining. The use of a high powered laser to remove material through a combination of melting, burning, and vaporizing offers substantial flexibility in design as well as increased speed and reduced cost when compared to traditional machining techniques. Laser cutting can reduce or eliminate machining on many jobs allowing for faster production and reduced manufacturing costs. This is exceptionally beneficial in the field of prototyping and small run jobs. A laser cutter has a much tighter level of precision because it�s only limitation is the thickness of the beam that is cutting. The accuracy is far more consistent from part to part too as there are no parts to wear down during the cutting process. The use of a programmable controller, especially with a laser setup like our 6-axis cutter, also allows for complex shapes that traditionally would have required special tooling and a lengthy setup and cut time. Our software allows our lasers to cut flat steel, tube steel and a variety of complex work pieces while maintaining quality edges even with small diameter cuts and complex detailed parts.

Our lasers can cut a wide variety of alloys including but not limited to:
  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • aluminum
  • titanium
  • inconnel
  • nickel

3-Dimensional 6-axis laser cutting

Mazak 6-Axis 3 Dimensional Laser Cutter

  • 3-Dimensional cutting
  • can cut simple or complex parts
  • tubing cutting
Flat plane laser cutting

Mazak Flat Cutting Laser

  • flat plane cutting
  • cuts sheets up to 120" x 60" at thicknesses up to 5/8"
  • can cut simple or complex parts
  • high capacity / extended runs
  • Runs 24 hours a day to meet our customers' delivery expectations

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